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Map of Genocide and Massacres Sites in Rwanda. Data Analysis and Mapping

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Since July 13, 2007, the government of Rwanda has taken the initiative to change the toponymy of administrative entities. The reasons advanced to justify this upheaval are decentralization and reconciliation. But the real reasons are hidden from the people Rwandan and to the international community, because, this government, actually wanted to make the places well known disappear for his massacres; to occupy the land of missing or displaced populations; ability to manipulate population statistics without being discovered and in a more or less fake legal. In addition, this new administrative division has moved the population away from the centers administrative (of municipalities or communes), insofar as the 144 communes (later 154) and the 11 prefectures have been replaced by more distant entities, 30 districts and 5 provinces.

This document lists the names of the genocide and massacre memorial sites, mapped according to an alphabetical classification to allow a logical and easy reading. They were then digitized to give a virtual image of the extermination of human beings, unparalleled in the history of Rwanda.

This is one of the ways that Projustitia has found to honor the memory of all the Rwandan victims who have lost their lives since 1994 to this day and whose number is less than 300.000 Tutsi and more than 2.000.000 Hutu.Projustitia-Rwanda is een stichting volgens Nederlands recht opgericht te Rotterdam op 10/04/2000

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